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General rules on accrediting journalists

Journalists requiring access to information about our event and to our dedicated press lounge require accreditation. This accreditation is granted solely for the purpose of enabling journalistic coverage.

We do not charge any registration fee for accredited press representatives. However, we do have following criteria on press representatives: 

1. Holders of a valid press card/work pass from a non-industry affiliated press association

2. Holders of a valid press card/work pass from a specialist journalists’ association covering topics of the event in question.

3. People with journalistic (or photojournalistic) activities such as:

  • Print media representatives.

  • Radio and TV media representatives.

  • Photographers.

You may be asked to submit either the originals of articles published recently, or a copy of the publication or recordings of reports from the past four months, or original tear sheets or photos with credits of the client company

4. Online media must meet the following requirements:

  • The web publication must be a registered media organisation, with a verifiable non-web address and telephone number.

  • The online journal must have a substantial amount of original news content, commentary or analysis on event-related issues.

Expotec International may conduct further investigations to establish proof of journalistic activities. Proof of identification should be submitted in English or Arabic.

There is no entitlement to accreditation and Expotec International reserves the right to restrict accreditation or to revoke it entirely.

Only journalists and qualified members of editorial teams are eligible to receive press accreditation. Non-journalistic staff members do not qualify as journalists and will not receive press accreditation. Expotec International may reject requests on a case-by-case basis.

Press contact:          Lydia Roeber | WhatsApp +49 152 02826947




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